Funk Bowling Signs First Contract for USBC Approved String Pinsetter Installation at Lokay Lanes in Pennsylvania

Jun 5, 2023 | Bowling News, String Pinsetter | 0 comments

Lokay Lanes, a bowling center and staple of the Monroeville, Pennsylvania community, has signed a contract to add new, USBC approved Funk string pinsetter machines to their center. This project is particularly special in that it’s also the first project to feature Funk’s USBC certified string pinsetter machine in the United States. 

Justin Lokay, 2nd generation co-owner of Lokay Lanes, said that  moving to string pinsetter machines was an easy decision, as the machines offer a multitude of benefits for his center.

“I am upgrading to string pins because it’s the future of the sport,” said Lokay. “Not only does it offer a unique experience for bowlers of all skill levels, but it also reduces maintenance costs and allows for increased lane availability. String bowling is the way forward, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of this innovative change in the industry.”

In addition to the customer experience and maintenance, the USBC certification of string pinsetters now gives Lokay Lanes the ability to host sanctioned tournaments with these string machines, which they plan to do so in the fall. 

“USBC certification of string pins was a crucial step forward for the success of bowling as it ensures fair play and standardized rules across all sanctioned centers. It also provides bowlers with the opportunity to participate in sanctioned tournaments and earn recognition for their achievements,” said Lokay. 

The Lokay Family has been in the bowling industry for more than 50 years, and their passion for the sport of bowling and providing customers a wonderful experience are what drive the long-term success of their family-run business. Both Funk Bowling and Lokay Lanes are at the forefront of the sport of bowling, so when Lokay Lanes was looking to upgrade their machines, partnering with Funk was the natural choice. 

Justin remarked, “I am thrilled with the partnership we have built with Funk Bowling in upgrading to the string pin machine. Their expertise in building cutting edge, industrial equipment is unparalleled. They are the leader in the string pin industry and are the only heavy duty, industrial option. I chose Funk Bowling as our partner because of their reputation for innovation and quality in the bowling industry, and they have not disappointed. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring a seamless transition to the string pin machine has been truly wonderful.” 

Funk’s legacy in bowling spans over 100 years and their string pinsetter technology can be found in bowling alleys around the world. Alex Funk, President of Funk Bowling North America, said that their project with Lokay Lanes signifies a symbolic shift for the sport of bowling. “Now that our string machines are approved by the USBC, we expect even more string conversion projects in the future,” said Funk. “Proprietors are well aware of the cost savings string machines offer and now this recognition by the USBC will push more and more of these business owners to bring string machines to their businesses.”


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