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Our USBC Approved, time-tested string pinsetter brings together over 100 years of bowling manufacturing and engineering innovation. The simple but resilient frame with a mechanical pin-drop bar provides a fast cycling time and a trouble-free operation that keeps your lanes active and your bowlers enjoying a fast game play. The rotary technology provides minimal wear and tear as the motor runs in one direction instead of back and forth.

The most important parts are made out of high-quality synthetic material. The string-rolls and all other critical parts are easily accessible so maintenance can be done easy and quickly without having a trained technician. Funk string pinsetters can be connected with various scoring-systems offering a unique and exciting gameplay.


No Expert Techs


Less Down Time

Faster Gameplay


Noise Reduction

Energy Efficient

More Profitable

Quick Install

Fewer Spare Parts

String Pinsetter Conversion – Hickory Creek, TX

We were hired to convert and upgrade existing pinsetters to Funk’s string pinsetter to help The Olana realize the benefits, cost savings and ease of use offered by Funk’s pinsetters.

Funk Bowling Signature White Bowling Center Equipment228x86, Funk North America

5 Benefits of Funk’s String Pinsetters

Save Money

Save 90% on maintenance and machine service vs. free-fall pinsetters.


Simple design makes it easy for anyone to manage pinsetters.

Less Wear & Tear

Fewer moving components means less wear, minimizing downtime.

No Expert Techs Required

Professional bowling techs not required to maintain equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

Offers 64% less electrical power used (.32 kwh per lane pair) vs. free-fall

300 Game Bowled on Funk's USBC Sanctioned String Pinsetters

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