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Installation Services

Funk Bowling Installation Services Photo Steve, Funk North America

Our expert crew of engineers and builders have completed over 44,000 lane installations around the world. We’ve completed projects in a variety of venues including traditional alleys, entertainment centers, bars, hotels and in-home projects as well. All this is to say we’ve seen it all.

No matter how customized your bowling needs, we’ll help you bring your bowling experience to life with expert quality installation and experienced labor. Over the years we’ve optimized our bowling alley installation process to make sure we deliver exceptional quality on time and within budget.

Expert Crew

Our expert crew of builders and engineers offer years of bowling installation experience and are ready to handle your job.

Fast Turnaround

With years of experience, we’ve optimized the installation process to be as efficient as possible for quick turnaround times.


No Downtime

If you’re running a bowling business, we minimize the downtime for your lanes by working through the night and approaching the project in sections to keep your business up and running.


100% Satisfaction

We are on the job until it is completed and completed right. If any issues arise, we will address them until everyone is completely satisfied with the installation.