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Consulting Services

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Whether you’re looking to start or upgrade a bowling or entertainment center or you want to install some lanes in your home, bar or hotel, we’ll walk you through the entire process. Like any major renovation or installation, the key with bowling installations is having a custom strategy that brings your bowling vision to life quickly, efficiently and with the highest level of quality.

Whether it’s one lane or 30, executing a bowling alley or lane installation is a complex task that requires a tremendous amount of planning and preparation. Each space is unique and part of the planning process will require that you identify any potential roadblocks or obstacles. We’ll give you the guidance you need to execute your bowling project.


When it comes to planning your bowling project, we’ll come to your location to assess the building structure in order to identify any structural updates or enhancements that will be required.


Needs Analysis

Whether you’re updating or building from scratch, every bowling project comes with a unique set of needs. We’ll help you identify your “wish list” for your particular bowling venture.

Project Timeline

Our years of experience installing bowling lanes around the world has provided us with a broad set of experiences in order to offer accurate project timelines.

Cost Analysis

The most important aspect of any bowling job is understanding the costs. From parts and equipment, to materials and installation, our project estimates will help you anticipate the various costs associated with the job.