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Funk has a 100+ year legacy in the bowling world and we are now bringing the sport of bowling to the next generation. The Funk Platform (coming June 2023) is a new solution for bringing together hardware and software technologies to reimagine the bowling experience for bowlers and proprietors alike. From center management tools to self-service kiosks, we are developing an end-to-end solution focused on helping proprietors save time and money while elevating the bowling experience for customers.

The Funk Platform provides bowlers with unique and interactive bowling experiences, featuring scoring systems, lane arcade games, interactive projections, and digital signage and LED walls. With reservations and queueing capabilities, customers can easily book lanes and enjoy their bowling experience without any hassle. These exciting offerings are just the beginning and further innovations are in the works as we build, refine and deliver a best-in-class bowling solution.

Funk Platform Bowler Stars 800px, Funk North America
Group 3, Funk North America

Pinsetter Intelligence

Software compatible with Funk’s United States Bowling Congress (USBC) approved pinsetters.

Bi Person Fill Gear, Funk North America

Center Management

Manage the overall operations of the bowling center, including lane allocation, employee scheduling, and inventory management.

Solar Cup Star Bold, Funk North America


Automated scoring feature for individual and team games, with options for customizing the scoring format and display.

Frame 42440, Funk North America

Reservations & Queue

Ability to reserve and queue lanes, assign bowlers to lanes, and manage waiting lists.

Ph Game Controller Bold, Funk North America

Lane Arcade Games

Integration with on-lane arcade games to provide additional entertainment options for bowlers.

Icon Waiting 32x32, Funk North America

Self-Service Kiosk

Self-service kiosks for customers to purchase games, order food and drinks, and access other center services.

Mdi Projector, Funk North America

Interactive Projections

Interactive projections on the bowling lanes to enhance the bowling experience with animations, scoring graphics, and other effects.

Material Symbols Tv Gen Outline, Funk North America

Signage & LED Walls

Integration with digital signage and LED walls to display advertisements, promotions, and other center information.


From setup to troubleshooting, you’ll get world-class customer support as you integrate the Funk Platform with your business.

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