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Funk Bowling Scoring System 2, Funk North America

One of the biggest costs any bowling business faces is maintenance and repairs. After years of continuous improvement and thousands of installations, we offer the training you need to manage, maintain and repair your bowling equipment efficiently and effectively.

You don’t need to have years of bowling alley or pinsetter maintenance experience to manage our equipment. We make it easy for anyone on your staff to diagnose and fix any potential issues that arise. Whether it’s our pinsetters, ball returns or scoring equipment, we’ll provide the knowledge you need to keep your bowlers rolling.

On-Site Training

After installation of your lanes, we’ll walk you through how the equipment works and guide you through maintaining and repairing your Funk machines.



If you ever run into issues with your Funk equipment, we’ll offer you a guide to troubleshooting and diagnosing the issue for quick and painless resolution.


Maintenance Checklists

To keep your Funk equipment in tip-top shape, we will provide you with weekly, monthly and annual maintenance checklists that can be executed by anyone on your staff.


Product Documentation

We will train your team on all the Funk bowling equipment to help them understand how everything works so they can easily navigate the various mechanisms.