our history

1960 – First Automated String Pinsetter

In 1960 there were still thousands of bowling lanes that were operated by hand. Founder Karl Funk worked as an electrician for a bowling company that was developing the first advanced automated string pinsetter.

1964 – Funk Bowling Founded

Funk Bowling Signature Red Bowling Center Equipment228x86, Funk North America

Founder Karl Funk decides to move forward as an independent bowling manufacturer. Only 22 years old and nothing but an ambitious vision Karl Funk founded Funk Bowling.

1972 – Acquisition of Kröll

String Pinsetter Funk Bowling 10, Funk North America

The automated string pinsetter was highly successful leading to the acquisition of Germanys oldest bowling company Kröll in 1972.

1985 – Acquisition of Spellmann

FUNK History 1885, Funk North America

Karl Funk bought Spellmann, the largest German bowling manufacturer. Spellmann was found in 1885 and has built over 80,000 lanes. The newly formed company group included over 200 employees and quickly became the largest bowling manufacturer in Europe.

2000 – 2nd Production Facility Built

Funk Bowling Production Facility 750px, Funk North America

Funk builds a brand new production facility in the south of Germany. As a result Funk became internationally known and now exports its products all over the world.

2003 – Funk 2nd Generation Joins Company

The second generation Karl-Heinz Funk joined the company to further develop the companies international presence.

2009 – Funk’s First Steps on US Soil

BillStraub Nebraska Bowling Funk Bowling 300px, Funk North America

Hall of Fame Bowling Headcoach Bill Straub from the Nebraska Cornhuskers NCAA Bowling Team saw the advantages of the string-pinsetter early. As one of the first Centers in the US, the Nebraska Bowling practice facility was equipped with string pinsetter technology. The Cornhuskers won 3 NCAA championships since then proving that Funk technology fits the professional needs of a bowling champion.

2018 – Funk North America Founded

Funk Bowling Classic Logo North America Bowling Center Equipment228x86, Funk North America

In 2018 the 3rd generation, Alexander Funk joined the family business further accelerating international growth to the North American Market. The Funk Family saw the opportunity for its products in the US and decided to expand and Funk North America, with its Headquarters in Detroit, MI was born.


Funk Platform Logo, Funk North America

By following the Funk-Credo of continuous innovation the focus on software solutions of the future is further empathized with the foundation of another entity for the company group.

2022 –  USBC Approves String Pinsetter

USBC Approved Suite CMYK OL, Funk North America

Funk’s legacy product, the String Pinsetter, was certified by the bowling world’s largest governing body – USBC. Funk has led the technological advancement of this technology for 60+ years and is proud of the industry wide adoption of String Pinsetter technology.

2023 – Funk Japan Founded

Funk Bowling First String Conversion Japan, Funk North America

The successful completion of Japan’s first String-Pinsetter Center in 2022 has sparked great interest among the proprietors in one of the largest domestic bowling markets in the world. The successful String-Pinsetter certification by the BPJ in 2022 has paved the way for another expansion to the Funk Company Group: Funk Japan Ltd.