Bowling Alleys

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We’ve been helping bowling alleys run more profitable businesses for decades by minimizing equipment downtime and maintenance costs. We offer turnkey bowling alley installations from the ground up or we can help you upgrade your existing lanes. We offer customized project packages for our bowling alley partners that can range from an entire bowling alley design and installation to equipment upgrades and aesthetic makeovers.

Entertainment Centers

Bowling is no longer limited to the traditional bowling alley. We have worked with a number of “entertainment centers” to bring the most engaging bowling experiences to a customer base that is looking for fun and excitement. We’ll work with your facility team to incorporate the right kind of bowling experience for your space and your customers.

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In-Home Bowling

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We own every possible bowling alley production step allowing us to offer the most exclusive, personalized alley installations that fit your needs. Looking for a couple bowling lanes that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home? We offer end-to-end lane design and engineering to fit your home’s unique layout while also offering you the ability to customize it in a way that matches your homes aesthetics.

Bars & Hotels

Looking to differentiate your bar or hotel? We’ve installed full size lanes as well as mini-bowling alleys into a variety of bars and hotels. These can help transform the experience of your establishment offering a unique entertainment element for your customers.

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We offer packages and programs for bowling sales reps or bowling consultants that are looking to help their customers by offering the best parts, machines and bowling equipment. If you’d like to add Funk’s top-of-the-line products and services to your catalog, contact us today to get started.