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Funk Bowling Equipment Manufacturer Duckpin String Pinsetters 13 Of 14, Funk North America

Looking for an exciting way to differentiate your hotel, bar and/or restaurant? We’ve worked with a number of clients to bring bowling experiences to their establishments creating a “sticky” entertainment factor that keeps customers coming back. With Funk, we’ll help you stand out among your competitors with exciting bowling options.

Differentiate your business by offering customers a one-of-a-kind bowling experience

Funk Bowling Signature White Bowling Center Equipment228x86, Funk North America

5 Benefits of Funk’s String Pinsetters

Save Money

Save 90% on maintenance and machine service vs. free-fall pinsetters.


Simple design makes it easy for anyone to manage pinsetters.

Less Wear & Tear

Fewer moving components means less wear, minimizing downtime.

No Expert Techs Required

Professional bowling techs not required to maintain equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

Offers 64% less electrical power used (.32 kwh per lane pair) vs. free-fall


Competitive Pricing

Racks Returns Funk Bowling, Funk North America

Since we own every step of the production process, we offer our reseller partners extremely competitive pricing on our equipment, parts and services.

Engineering Pros

Funk North America Bowling 16x9 10, Funk North America

Our team of expert engineers and bowling innovators have spent decades fine-tuning our bowling equipment resulting in improved performance and minimal downtime.

Proven Equipment

Funk North America Bowling 16x9 13 1, Funk North America

Funk is the largest manufacturer of string pinsetter machines in Europe and has spent years building the most reliable equipment on the market.


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One-Stop bowling alley shopping for everything from lanes, ball returns, gutters, pinsetters, seating, design, lighting, accessories and more.