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Maintenance Services

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Maintenance costs for bowling alleys and bowling businesses can be extremely expensive. While we offer maintenance services and support, it is our mission to manufacture the most efficient bowling equipment possible in order to minimize these maintenance costs.

With leading pinsetter and ball return technology in bowling alleys and bowling centers around the world, we’re helping bowling businesses run more profitably. We also make it extremely easy to maintain our equipment, so you don’t have to hire a professional bowling technician. Instead, we have designed our equipment so that any staff member is capable to clean, troubleshoot and handle basic bowling alley maintenance operations.

On-Site Visits

Our professional technicians are available for on-site maintenance and repairs. From pinsetters to ball returns, we’ll make sure your lanes are operational by minimizing downtime.

On-Call Support

Have a quick question or need a minor repair? We can walk you through the process of maintaining your bowling equipment over the phone.


While we pride ourselves on offering the most efficient bowling equipment on the market, if you need any significant repairs, we’re always just a phone call away.


Maintenance Training

With a focus on saving costs and keeping your lanes up and running, we offer training to your staff to handle day-to-day maintenance activities.