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Funk Kegeln, Funk North America


Funk has been part of Europe’s 9-Pin bowling history for years with new innovations and thousands of lanes built. We outfit numerous world cups and are a long term partner of the DKB (Deutscher Kegler– und Bowlingbund e.V).

Our 9-Pin Bowling lanes serve every purpose for competitive use and our tournament-control desk ensures all league requirements and even enables an online live-ticker. For recreational 9-pin bowling, we developed a brand new system that brings all the traditional 9-pin bowling games to a digital, user-friendly interface.

We offer 12 unique game-modes for players of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, we’ve made 9-pin more accessible for young and inexperienced customers with our automatic bumper system that is not only easy to use but sturdy and long lasting.

One Less Pin & a Different Ball

Discover the world of the classic Nine-Pin Bowling, the origin of Bowling as you know it today.

Since the company was founded, the name FUNK has stood for reliable taper systems. The automatic Ninepin machines, which are still designed and built according to the original principle today, are an in-house invention.

As a manufacturer of complete systems, we offer maximum precision and quality, but also maximum flexibility: a suitable solution for every project – 100% quality, 100% made in Germany.

Game Master II

The FUNK Gamemaster II is the ideal game software for all 9-Pin players. Games such as car racing, Christmas tree, fox hunting, and 10-pin bowling are digitally implemented. Simple operation and modern illustrations ensure enthusiasm. This makes 9-pin bowling evenings varied and exciting for everyone.

Funk Game Master II Scaled, Funk North America

Competition Manager

The BlueTop competition manager is a professional software solution for sports 9-pin bowling. The program maps both – team competitions and individual competitions. It displays match results on-site at the bowling alley as well as online.

Funk 9 Pin Competition Manager, Funk North America


FUNK breathes new life into outdated 9-pin systems. From replacing the running surfaces – HPL panels instead of asphalt plastic – to replacing the machines or ball returns, right through to the brand new game software: a makeover works wonders and inspires.

Funk 9 Pin Before, Funk North America


Funk 9 Pin After, Funk North America


In-Home 9-Pin Bowling

A Ninepin bowling alley at home, in your own style and matching the interior design? FUNK makes it possible. Each lane is individually planned and realized according to the customer’s ideas. Thanks to decades of experience and with great attention to detail, we realize private bowling dreams in your house, vacation homes or company buildings.

Game Master II Funk Kegeln, Funk North America
Funk Bowling Signature White Bowling Center Equipment228x86, Funk North America

5 Benefits of Funk’s String Pinsetters

Save Money

Save 90% on maintenance and machine service vs. free-fall pinsetters.


Simple design makes it easy for anyone to manage pinsetters.

Less Wear & Tear

Fewer moving components means less wear, minimizing downtime.

No Expert Techs Required

Professional bowling techs not required to maintain equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

Offers 64% less electrical power used (.32 kwh per lane pair) vs. free-fall

Ninepin Pinsetter

Our Pinsetters are synonymous worldwide with reliability and maintenance-free operation, economic efficiency and durability. Developed around 60 years ago by the company founder Karl FUNK, today’s machines are still based on the same simple yet ingenious basic principle. An intelligent rope untangling system makes human intervention almost completely superfluous. If necessary, however, all critical elements are easily accessible.

Funk String Pinsetter IAAPA Page 6, Funk North America

9-Pin Lanes

The HPL surfaces are approved by the DKB (Deutscher Kegler- und Bowlingbund). The high-pressure laminate panels have a thickness of 10 mm. The melamine resin surface ensures low noise pollution on impact and an extremely long service life. A glow-in-the-dark effect of the running surface in combination with matching lighting technology turns your Ninepin bowling alley into a futuristic attraction.

Funk 9 Pin Lanes, Funk North America


FUNK is the first manufacturer in the world to transfer innovations from the bowling sector to Ninepin bowling alleys: The bumpers on the edge of the ninepin bowling alley make bowling easier for children and inexperienced amateur players. This keeps the balls safely on the lane and ensures that the game remains fun. The FUNK bumpers are electronically controllable (can be extended and retracted) and their sturdy construction ensures a long service life.

Funk 9 Pin Bumper, Funk North America

Ball Returns & Consoles

The ball returns and consoles from FUNK are manufactured in the company’s own carpentry. They harmonize perfectly with the rest of the installation. Customers choose their models from numerous designs and color options.
The use of the highest quality materials and masterful precision in production guarantee many years of enjoyment from FUNK alleys.

Funk 9 Pin Ball Return, Funk North America


Funk 9 Pin Console, Funk North America


The History of 9-Pin Bowling

It is certain that the origins of 9-Pin go back to the advanced civilization of the ancient Egyptians. During archaeological excavations, parts of a children’s pin game dating back to 3,500 BC were found. Today’s bowling probably has its origins in the game played by Germanic tribes.

Classic Bowling originated in the USA from European 9-Pin Bowling, which was brought to the New World by German and Dutch immigrants. Modern bowling emerged in the Middle Ages and spread throughout Western Europe during this period. The reason for the emergence of bowling was a ban on 9-Pin Bowling in Connecticut in 1837.

The game on 9-pin bowling alleys was banned because money was often used and cheating took place. In order to circumvent the ban, a tenth pin was added to the nine pins, they were set up in a triangle instead of a square, they were called “pins” and the new game was called “Bowling”. The new sport born in this way spread rapidly and is more widespread than traditional bowling.






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