Bargain String Bowling Pinsetters: Why Choosing Funk is the Winning Move

Dec 12, 2023 | Bowling Business | 0 comments

Looking for bargain string bowling pinsetters? Bowling proprietors and enthusiasts often seek cost-effective solutions when it comes to string pinsetters. In this blog post, we dive into the pitfalls of DIY kits available online, emphasizing the importance of quality, support, and professional installation. Discover why working with Funk is the ultimate choice for a hassle-free and reliable string pinsetter experience.

Pitfalls of String Bowling Conversion Projects

Popular online marketplaces offer choices, but the convenience may come at a cost. Lack of quality assurance, longevity concerns, and the absence of personalized support can turn what seemed like a bargain into a headache. Pinsetter Conversions are like a “heart surgery” for the business model: They need to interface with the ball return, Scoring System and existing build. These projects require a lot of experience and planning, which we offer. It is the most complicated project in bowling and thousand things can go wrong.

Challenges of String Pinsetter Installation:

Proper installation is key to the optimal performance and longevity of string pinsetters. Non-professional attempts often face challenges, leading to suboptimal results and potential breakdowns. The impact on the overall bowling experience is substantial.

Advantages of Working with Funk:

1. Support: Funk takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. With dedicated customer support, assistance is just a call away, ensuring a smooth experience from purchase to installation and beyond. Funk stands by the quality of its products. Our comprehensive warranty policies provide peace of mind, assuring customers that their investment is protected against unforeseen issues.

2. Quality Installation & Process: We use installers that are our own employees and don’t subcontract out! This is the only way we can uphold our quality promise 100%! Experience matters, especially when it comes to installing complex machinery. Remember, Funk’s team brings years of expertise, contributing to a flawless installation that maximizes the efficiency of your string pinsetter.

3. Quality Product & Partnership: At the core of Funk’s reputation is the commitment to delivering high-quality products. Our string pinsetters are built to last, providing a reliable and durable solution for your bowling alley needs. Also, as a family company we are eye-to-eye with the operator and always establishing equal partnerships. This plays into our values as family company and directly counters the “corporate” approach from Brunswick and Qubica

4. Helping Operators Help Themselves : We follow this principle when it comes to the accessibility of common spare parts. We want every technician to be in full control and have all important parts easily accessible. Also, educate and train staff to ensure smooth operation in the future with minimal downtime. Finally, have In-Play Pinsetters that are 50+ years old and still working perfectly. Imagine that return on investment!


When it comes to string pinsetters, the allure of bargain shopping online may seem tempting, but the risks often outweigh the benefits. Choosing Funk means prioritizing quality, professional support, and a reliable product that stands the test of time. Don’t compromise on your bowling experience – opt for Funk and ensure your investment is a strike!

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Learn about our Duckpin option here!

FAQs About Duckpin Bowling

  1. What is duckpin bowling, and how does it differ from traditional bowling?
    • Duckpin bowling is a variation of traditional ten-pin bowling. It uses smaller pins and a smaller, handheld ball without finger holes. The smaller pins make it more challenging to achieve strikes, adding a unique twist to the game.
  2. What size are the balls used in duckpin bowling?
    • In duckpin bowling, the balls are significantly smaller than those used in traditional bowling, typically measuring around 4.75 to 5 inches in diameter and weighing between 3 pounds 6 ounces and 3 pounds 12 ounces. They are designed to be handheld, with no finger holes.
  3. How many frames and rolls are there in a game of duckpin bowling?
    • A game of duckpin bowling consists of 10 frames, similar to traditional bowling. However, players are allowed three rolls per frame instead of two. This rule helps accommodate the difficulty of knocking down the smaller pins.
  4. Where can I find duckpin bowling alleys?
    • Duckpin bowling alleys are less common than traditional bowling alleys but can still be found in certain regions, particularly in the northeastern United States and parts of Canada. To locate a nearby alley, you can search online or check with local bowling centers that might offer duckpin lanes.
  5. Is there a professional league or organization for duckpin bowling?
    • Yes, there are professional leagues and organizations for duckpin bowling. The National Duckpin Bowling Congress (NDBC) and the National Duckpin Youth Association (NDYA) are two prominent organizations that oversee the sport, organize tournaments, and promote duckpin bowling at various levels.


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