Xtreme Jump Adventure Park in Temple, Texas Adds 6 Duckpin Lanes

May 22, 2024 | Bowling Business, Case Study, Duckpin, Family Entertainment Center, United States | 0 comments

Funk Bowling installed a specialized duckpin bowling option for Xtreme Jump. This setup is ideal for businesses looking to expand their activities. Duckpin bowling, similar to mini bowling, fits well in places with limited space. Our system uses the efficient, low-maintenance Funk string pinsetter technology, which has been popular with both owners and customers. This entertainment option offers a fun, challenging, and competitive activity in a unique setting. We can tailor the design to match your existing decor and make the best use of the available space for an excellent bowling experience.

The Project

Xtreme Jump Adventure Park in Temple, Texas, has recently expanded its entertainment offerings by introducing Duckpin Bowling, adding a fresh twist to a timeless game. This exciting new activity invites participants of all ages to enjoy a unique bowling experience with smaller, lightweight balls perfect for players of varying skill levels. Up to eight players can compete per lane, making it an ideal activity for groups and families. The shorter, elevated lanes add an extra challenge, ensuring every game is engaging and fun.

To accommodate the new duckpin bowling lanes, Xtreme Jump Adventure Park redesigned its indoor go-kart track, reflecting the park’s commitment to continuously evolving and enhancing the visitor experience. The revamped space now features six standard duckpin lanes installed by Funk Bowling, a leader in innovative entertainment solutions. This strategic transformation underscores Xtreme Jump’s dedication to offering diverse activities that cater to a wide range of interests and age groups.

The installation of duckpin bowling by Funk Bowling has seamlessly integrated into Xtreme Jump Adventure Park’s existing Family Entertainment Center (FEC), elevating the overall appeal of the venue. The addition of this fun and competitive activity complements the park’s other attractions, ensuring that visitors always have something new and exciting to try. As guests flock to Xtreme Jump, they can now enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of duckpin bowling, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists in Temple, Texas.

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