JOJOLAND Indoor Amusement Park In Tangier, Morocco Adds 4 Duckpin Lanes

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Funk Bowling provided a specialized duckpin bowling option for JOJOLAND Indoor Amusement Park In Tangier, Morocco. This offering is tailored for businesses aiming to diversify their offerings. Duckpin bowling, akin to mini bowling, suits establishments with restricted space. Our duckpin bowling arrangement, incorporating the efficient and low-maintenance Funk string pinsetter technology, has garnered favor from both proprietors and patrons. This form of entertainment delivers an enjoyable, stimulating, and competitive activity within a distinct ambiance, serving as a fantastic enhancement to your enterprise. We can customize the design to seamlessly complement your existing decor and optimize the area for an exceptional bowling experience.

The Project

Nestled within the vibrant city of Tangier, Morocco, JoJo Land stands as an indoor haven tailored for children up to 12 years old, offering a respite from inclement weather or scorching heat. Boasting a diverse array of indoor play areas, this enchanting park promises an immersive experience for young ones and their families alike. Whether it’s a rainy week or sweltering temperatures keeping visitors indoors, JoJo Land emerges as the go-to destination for wholesome fun and adventure.

Recently, JoJo Land underwent a transformative upgrade courtesy of Funk Bowling. In a bid to enhance its offerings, Funk Bowling installed four state-of-the-art duckpin bowling lanes within JoJo Land’s modernized Family Entertainment Center (FEC). Duckpin bowling, renowned for its compact yet exhilarating gameplay, perfectly aligns with JoJo Land’s commitment to providing innovative and engaging activities for its patrons.

The introduction of duckpin bowling at JoJo Land marks a significant milestone in its journey to becoming a comprehensive entertainment destination. With Funk Bowling’s expertise in crafting tailored solutions, the installation seamlessly integrates with JoJo Land’s existing attractions, enriching the overall experience for visitors. As families flock to JoJo Land, the addition of duckpin bowling ensures that there’s always something new and exciting to discover within this captivating indoor playground.

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The Gallery

  • Jojo Land Funk Bowling Duckpin Lanes Morocco, Funk North America
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