Home Bowling Alley Installation in San Jose, CA

Sep 28, 2021 | At Home Bowling, Case Study | 0 comments

Would you like to build a bowling alley inside your house? We’ve helped many customers create completely personalized bowling experiences that fit right into their homes and we can help bring your dream to life too!
Our residential bowling package is custom built to fit your home’s space and design. As a manufacturer, we can make highly customized products for your home.

The Best Part

Our team of professionals strive to exceed your expectations. We’ll make your home alley dreams come true.

  • We’ll work directly with your interior designer.
  • We manufacture the equipment.
  • Our experienced crew installs the alley.

Our bowling system is famous for its reliable string pinsetter. Unlike other systems, Funk’s string pinsetter requires only little maintenance and nearly no spare-part costs making it perfect for residential installation.

Let’s bring your in-home bowling alley dream to life – schedule a call today!

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