Gilde Bowling in Hamburg, Germany Adds Four 9-Pin Lanes

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Funk has been integral to Europe’s 9-Pin bowling history, introducing innovations and constructing thousands of lanes. We support numerous world cups and have a longstanding partnership with the DKB (Deutscher Kegler– und Bowlingbund e.V).

Our 9-Pin bowling lanes cater to competitive play, with a tournament-control desk that meets all league requirements and supports an online live-ticker. For recreational 9-Pin bowling, we’ve developed a new system that digitizes traditional 9-Pin games with a user-friendly interface.

We offer 12 unique game modes for players of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, we’ve made 9-Pin more accessible for young and inexperienced players with our automatic bumper system, which is easy to use, durable, and long-lasting.

The Project

Gilde Bowling in Hamburg, Germany, has taken a significant step towards enhancing its entertainment offerings by modernizing its facilities with the installation of four nine-pin bowling lanes. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and dedication to providing top-notch recreational activities, Gilde Bowling has partnered with Funk Bowling to bring state-of-the-art bowling technology to its patrons. This addition reflects Gilde Bowling’s commitment to evolving and adapting to the latest trends in the entertainment industry.

The new nine-pin lanes, installed by Funk Bowling, incorporate advanced technology designed for efficiency and ease of maintenance. This modernization not only ensures a seamless bowling experience but also minimizes downtime, allowing more guests to enjoy the game without interruptions. The updated lanes have been well-received by both regular visitors and newcomers, enhancing Gilde Bowling’s reputation as a premier destination for recreational activities in Hamburg.

With the introduction of these modern nine-pin lanes, Gilde Bowling has successfully blended tradition with innovation. The classic charm of nine-pin bowling, coupled with Funk Bowling’s cutting-edge technology, creates a unique and enjoyable atmosphere for all ages. This upgrade positions Gilde Bowling as a forward-thinking entertainment venue, capable of offering a high-quality, competitive, and fun bowling experience.

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The Gallery

  • Gilde 3, Funk North America
  • Gilde 2, Funk North America
  • Gilde 1 1, Funk North America


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