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Aug 31, 2022 | At Home Bowling, Case Study, International | 1 comment

Looking for a duckpin bowling installation? Considered adding duckpin bowling to your business? We are seeing an interesting trend as it relates to duckpin bowling. While the competitive component of duckpin still remains and the 100+ year legacy lives on, many new bowlers and entrepreneurs are discovering duckpin for its social element. As a manufacturer, we can make highly customized lanes for your business. Check out this duckpin bowling install at Brewdog in Waterloo, London!

The Project

After a successful duckpin install at their location in Berlin, the company decided to add duckpin bowling to their location in Waterloo London. Duckpin, from Funk Bowling, has had a positive impact on Brewdog’s business.

There are many benefits of duckpin bowling. Some of these include fast and easy gameplay, unique social experience, hot revenue source, speedy installation, and more. To see an explanation of the benefits, click here. This unique offering brings people into the doors of your business. Also, it created a memorable experience for your customers. In addition, the game is super accessible for your customers and business.

Here’s a little about Brewdog. BrewDog is a brewery, bar chain, and brand with a capital B. It launched in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 2007, and was founded by friends James Watt and Martin Dickie. Since then, BrewDog has expanded into a multinational company with nearly 100 locations and more than 1,000 employees around the world.

You can book your next duckpin bowling venture at Brewdog Waterloo, London, here. Duckpin bowling has smaller pins and lighter balls leading to a more fast-paced game. Go head-to-head with your pals on one of our six duckpin bowling lanes surrounded by the epic atmosphere of our bar.

Let’s bring your Duckpin Bowling dream to life – schedule a call today!

Award for Best Bar/Lounge – International Category

This project won the “Best Bar/Lounge – International Category” in the Bowling Center Management’s (BCM) 2023 Bowling Center Architecture and Design Awards. The custom design of the duckpin bowling lanes features an iconic steel cage that directly integrates into the industrial design of the whole location. The lanes are submerged into the floor and the player can easily play from a wood parquet floor without bowling shoes. Combined with the small balls it makes the game accessible for non-bowlers and social groups who seek to go out for a drink in an exclusive location.

Featured Duckpin Bowling Lanes

  • Brewdog London Duckpin Bowling Installation Funk Bowling Design 5, Funk North America
  • Brewdog London Duckpin Bowling Installation Funk Bowling Design 4 1, Funk North America
  • Brewdog London Duckpin Bowling Installation Funk Bowling Design 3, Funk North America
  • Brewdog London Duckpin Bowling Installation Funk Bowling Design 6, Funk North America

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    Please tell me more.
    We have several venues. Looking at six to eight lanes in each site and we have five venues.


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