18 Lane String Conversion of All Star Lanes – Walled Lake, MI

Nov 29, 2022 | At Home Bowling, Case Study | 0 comments

Our time-tested string pinsetter brings together over 100 years of bowling manufacturing and engineering innovation. The most important parts are made out of high-quality synthetic material. The string rolls and all other critical parts are easily accessible so maintenance can be done easily and quickly without having a trained technician. Funk string pinsetters can be connected with various scoring-systems offering unique and exciting gameplay. Check out this 18-lane string pinsetter conversion in Walled Lake, MI.

The Project

All-Star Lanes is an 18-lane bowling alley that has leagues, an event space, a sports bar, and more! They are a very strong family-owned business. Keeping their old machines running was becoming very costly in terms of maintenance. The tasks were becoming a burden. So, the business sought a solution for this! That’s when they came across us, Funk Bowling.

We were able to convert 18 free fall lanes to brand-new, modern string pinsetters! Now All Star Lanes is enjoying less maintenance cost and time. On top of that, guests are enjoying a more interactive, quick gameplay experience. There are so many more benefits you can see here.

Considering a string conversion? – schedule a call with us today!

Featured 18-Lane String Conversion!

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