Funk Bowling’s Clients Win BCM Design Awards for Projects in Greenville, SC & Johnston, IA

Apr 23, 2024 | Bowling News, United States | 0 comments

In a testament to innovation and creativity in bowling center design, two of Funk Bowling’s clients have won awards in the esteemed 39th annual Bowling Center Architecture and Design Awards by Bowling Center Management magazine. Funk supported both of these projects as it relates to the bowling component, but the clients had a strong vision, winning two prestigious awards at the BCM Bowling Center Architecture and Design Awards.

Selected among eleven standout venues from nine states across the nation, these awards celebrate excellence in both modernized centers and new builds within the bowling industry. Founded nearly four decades ago, the awards program aims to inspire proprietors to reinvent their facilities while acknowledging the evolving landscape of bowling as a key element in modern entertainment venues. 

The 2023 Design Awards highlight projects completed during the calendar year, with honorees set to be featured in upcoming issues of BCM, spotlighting the exceptional contributions of Funk Bowling’s clients and other winners to the bowling community. Here’s more info on the award-winning projects.

Best Modernized Small Ball

Duckpin Installation at Group Therapy Pub & Playground in Greenville, SC
Duckpin Installation at Group Therapy Pub & Playground in Greenville, SC

Led by the proprietor, this innovative venue features four lanes of duckpin bowling, setting the stage for a one-of-a-kind bowling experience. The center features Funk Bowling’s cutting-edge equipment, including Duckpin String Machines, Looping Ball Returns, HPL Lanes, Custom Metal Caging, and the Funk Platform Scoring with Augmented On-Lane Projection. 

In addition to Group Therapy’s Duckpin Bowling offering, the venue features a variety of entertainment options including arcade games, ice curling, golf simulation, and much more. The site has truly raised the bar in the world of small-ball bowling entertainment.

“We want everyone, everywhere, every day to know they are worthy of love and belonging and that they are enough just the way they are,” said Matthew Hubbard, Owner of Group Therapy. “At Group Therapy, we want to craft those feelings through connection with others by providing unforgettable experiential entertainment, authentic guest interaction, wacky cocktails, and captivating spaces.”

Best Exterior

Best Exterior Bowling Venue Funk Bowling BCM Award.jpg, Funk North America
Duckpin Installation at Backpocket Pin & Pixel in Johnston, IA

This dynamic venue boasts six lanes of bowling and stands out for its innovative architectural design. While the interior features Funk Bowling’s state-of-the-art equipment, including Duckpin String Machines, Looping Ball Returns, HPL Lanes, Custom Metal Caging, and Duckpin Scoring, the exterior is a site to behold. 

Collaborating with a variety of vendors, the Backpocket Pin and Pixel is redefining the bowling landscape in Johnston, IA offering customers food, drinks and arcade games, in addition to bowling. 

The team at Funk was excited to be able to support these great projects. We extend our congratulations to Group Therapy Pub & Playground and Backpocket Pin and Pixel for their vision and innovation in creating exceptional bowling destinations. 

As we continue our journey to revolutionize the bowling industry, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of entertainment, one award-winning project at a time.

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