6 Bowling Alley Designs & Use Cases to Inspire Your Bowling Business

Apr 27, 2020 | Bowling Business | 0 comments

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the design of your bowling alley or family entertainment center (FEC). From the artwork and murals, to the seating and lane color, your bowling alley business will have many choices when it comes to almost every single aspect of your bowling alley design.

Before getting into some great samples of fun and exciting bowling alley designs, it is important to touch on the value of reliable and easy to maintain bowling alley equipment. You might have the most interesting bowling alley design in the world, but if your equipment fails often or is extremely expensive to maintain, your overall experience will suffer.

The design is merely a way to accentuate the bowling experience. After all, people come to a bowling alley to bowl, not necessarily look at artwork. By investing in high-quality and proven bowling alley equipment, you can spend more time on the creative elements that will differentiate your bowling experience and keep your bowlers coming back.

Now, to get you inspired for your upcoming bowling alley project or for your next remodel, here are 6 bowling alley designs and use cases we enjoyed bringing to life with our clients.

Simple, Modern Bowling – Austria

Bowling Alley Design Equipment Installation 1, Funk North America

These bowling lanes keep the bowling experience simple. With the latest monitors, underground ball returns and a light finish on the lanes, this is a reinvigorated look of the traditional bowling lane. The updated technology and equipment make it feel fresh and state-of-the-art.

Hip, Fashionable Entertainment Bowling – United Kingdom

Bowling Alley Design Equipment Installation 2, Funk North America

This bowling experience is one-of-a-kind. Everything from the custom red lanes to the abstract black and white wall pattern, these lanes offer a truly memorable experience. Part of a private party section of a larger entertainment center, we really enjoyed working on this bowling experience.

Brewery Duckpin Lanes – Germany

Bowling Alley Design Equipment Installation 3, Funk North America

We love the idea of bringing bowling into a brewery! All of that space within the brewery makes it a great place to bring a bowling experience to customers. This duckpin bowling design connects with the rest of the look and feel, making it seem as if the lanes were always part of the overall design.

Hotel Bowling Lanes – Austria

Bowling Alley Design Equipment Installation 4, Funk North America

Ever stay at a hotel with bowling lanes you can enjoy? Odds are you haven’t, which is why we love this bowling use case so much. The design is simple, but the fact that these lanes exist within a hotel, make them that much more interesting. The way we see it, if you’ve got the space, bowling is a great offering for many types of businesses.

Bar & Restaurant Bowling – Germany

Bowling Alley Design Equipment Installation 5, Funk North America

These bowling lanes offer a unique touch to the bar/restaurant experience. While only a two-lane installation, the fact that bowling is offered makes this establishment a magnet for those looking for a fun night out. Also, the focus of this business is the social aspect, and the customers will have plenty to eat and drink as they wait for their turn to roll.

At Home Bowling – United States

Bowling Alley Design Equipment Installation 6.1, Funk North America

The fact that you can bowl in your own home is amazing in itself which is why we love these kinds of installations. Remember, this isn’t an entertainment center – it is someone’s home. While some might want to capture the entertainment center feel, many simply like to bowl and keep the look and feel aligned with the rest of the home’s aesthetic. It feels like the lanes could be a continuation of an adjacent room.


The reality is that there are many ways to incorporate bowling into your space. Whether it’s your home or your business, bowling brings people together. From the traditional bowling alley, to the entertainment center, to the hotel or restaurant, bowling is a great addition that customers will appreciate. Even if bowling isn’t the focus, a few full length or Duckpin lanes will help to differentiate your space and keep bowlers coming back.


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