4 Ways Mini Bowling Is Transforming Businesses of All Kinds

May 26, 2020 | Bowling Business | 0 comments

With some researchers dating the roots of bowling all the way back in 3200 BC in ancient Egypt, bowling is one of the oldest games around. The advancement of machinery and technology has made bowling a must-have for many entertainment businesses. However, newer versions of bowling are making the sport accessible to more types of businesses.

Mini bowling or micro bowling is a version of bowling that simply shrinks every aspect of the game. Lanes, pins, balls and everything else is shrunk down to offer the fun and excitement of bowling, without needing to take up the amount of space as a regulation bowling lane.

On average for a typical bowling lane, you will need anywhere from 90 to 100 feet. This is the length from seating area to the pin deck. For width of a traditional two-lane install you’ll need between 11 and 12 feet. Mini bowling can decrease both the length and width you need by more than half, making it ideal for non-traditional bowling experiences.

Here’s a few reasons why many businesses are looking to mini bowling to differentiate their business.

Offering Customers Unique Experiences

Mini Bowling is a unique offering for all kinds of businesses. Whether a brewery or a larger sized bar or a hotel, mini bowling takes the overall experience of your establishment to a new level. Supplementing your core set of offerings, mini bowling offers a fun, one-of-a-kind experience to your business without needing to completely remodel your space.

Differentiating from the Competition

For the types of businesses that aren’t traditionally associated with bowling (bars, restaurants, breweries, etc.), the odds are not many of your competitors are offering mini bowling to their patrons. The reason is many aren’t even aware that it’s an option. Installing a mini bowling experience at your establishment will be a major differentiator that your customers will remember.

New Revenue Stream

In some cases, you might consider offering bowling as a free experience for your guests or patrons, with the intention of using it as a method to attract customers. On the other hand, there are certainly ways to monetize the experience. Some of our partners treat mini bowling as a source of new revenue that not only has a direct financial impact, but also keeps people at their location longer. After all, the longer someone is at your establishment the better odds of them spending money with you in other ways (food, drink, etc.).

Employee Perk

Today’s modern corporate setting is much different than it once was. Major tech companies have transformed what the traditional workspace looks like. From the layout of desks to the on-site amenities and stress relievers offered to employees, large corporate offices are utilizing their spaces in new ways. Mini bowling makes a great addition and employee perk for your office. Partly great for moral but also a tool for attracting talent, mini bowling is a great option for your corporate space.


The sport of bowling isn’t limited to the traditional alley or large-scale bowling center. Mini bowling and custom installations are bringing bowling to more people in more business settings. Here are just a few examples of the types of businesses that might want to consider mini bowling for their establishment:

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Hotels
  • Large Corporate Offices
  • Athletic Clubs
  • Arcades & Entertainment Venues
  • Event Spaces

The reality is there could be a potential case for many types of businesses to consider mini bowling for their location. If you have questions or want to learn more, we’d be happy to have a conversation on how we can bring mini bowling to your business.


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